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All stables are currently occupied.
Please contact us (01904 738256 or redhouse@orpheusmail.co.uk) for more details.

Red House has been associated with horses throughout history. In the 14th century it was the home of the Ughtreds who bred cavalry chargers for the King's campaigns in Scotland, in the 17th century it was the home of the Slingsby's who loved racing and, in the 19th and 20th centuries, it was a regular meeting place of the York and Ainsty Hunt. More recently Red House has been involved in equestrian schooling and DIY livery giving you the chance to experience this fantastic equestrian centre. Our location is perfect for the well-being of your horse or pony. We have about 40 acres of well maintaind grazing in sheltered fields, there are many kilometres of off-road bridlepaths adjacent to the estate going across fields, along tracks or quiet country roads. As for the facilities in our yard, we have 28 stables, a large floodlit* all weather arena and a grass show jumping arena. All** of these are, of course, included in the price of the livery.

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An aerial view of the stable area showing, from left to right,
the Timber Stables, Arena and the American Barn Stables
The Stabling
We have two yards set up around the arena. Both are very close to some of the grazing areas although, with 25 acres, some of the fields are a short walk away. We insist on the use of shavings or cardboard for bedding.
American Barn Stables
American Barn Interior The barn has a line of stables down each side with a central corridor. The are two sizes of stable; 12' by 12' and 12' by 10'. Each has an integral tack room of size 4' by 12' or 4' by 10' located at the back with access through the stable. There is a concrete yard to the front giving ample space for tacking up and shoeing. The barn and yard are well lit for those dark winter evenings. The muck heap is located close to the barn for easier mucking out.
Timber Stables
Timber Stables These stables offer a sheltered area with a spacious yard running between the lines of buildings. The 13 stables are all 12' by 12', eleven with standard doors and two with pony doors. There are 12 tack rooms, 12' by 5' or 12' by 4' in size. Each stable and tack room is individually lit and the yard is amply lit for those dark winter evenings. The muck heap is located close to the barn for easier mucking out.
The Grazing
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We offer unrestricted, all-year round turnout over 40 acres which is split into 11 fields and several small paddocks. The fields vary in size and are mainly surrounded by mature hedgerows and trees which provide excellent shelter. In spring, summer and autumn we use the 7 smallest fields and, in winter, we encourage the use of 2 large fields close to the stable yards to allow the other grazing to recover. These large fields are well drained and cope well with the winter grazing. During the winter grazing season we ask that horses are brought in overnight. The fields are maintained to a high standard with all stable manure being spread on them annually. In spring and summer we top weeds but allow growth in the field boundaries for the benefit of wildlife. The hedgerows are trimmed annually but we allow some to overgrow to provide shelter. We do expect horse owners to do their own "poo-picking" in the grass growing season to maintain the quality of grazing.

The Equestrian Facilities

The Floodlit, all-weather arena is 45m by 40m in area and has a sand and rubber surface. It is available to Livery owners and their horses (kept at Red House) without extra charge unless floodlighting* is required. However there are times when the arena is used for organised lessons by outside parties, these times will be displayed in the yard. There is a range of plastic show jumps and cones for use in the arena.

The Show Jumping Arena has a grass surface and is open during the spring and summer months depending on ground conditions. There is a good range of wooden jumps with fillers. These are available to livery owners and their horses (kept at Red House) without extra charge, provided the facilities are not pre-booked by someone else.

The Bridle Paths around Red House are excellent with circular routes upstream and downstream of the River Ouse. Any roads close by are quiet and single track and the traffic is very light.
There is certainly never a shortage of things to do at Red House!

Miscellaneous Information
We offer a twice weekly delivery service of locally grown hay and shavings (You can buy your own). These are delivered to your stable or tack room at very competitive prices.
Subject to availability, there is space for storage of trailers or wagons for which a monthly charge is made.
There are toilet facilities next to the arena.
Prices (2023)
£136 pcm per horse/pony with tack room
£115 pcm per horse/pony without tack room
£17 pcm per trailer and £26 pcm per small wagon storage
*A small charge is made for use of the floodlights.

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