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6th April 2009

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Working in the Field
Dr Andreas Heinemeyer studies the results from the field experiment that has just been completed at Red House. His team, based at York University and funded by the Stockholm Environment Institute, is looking into ways of measuring the emissions of carbon dioxide from the soil, a phenomenon that could have a big impact on global warming. Last summer he was using expensive, automated domes to collect the gas samples but this month he has been trying out a new method called "The Snake". This is a tube with a porous membrane on its lower side which is carefully placed on the soil surface. The gas passes through the membrane and is pumped to an analyser. If successful it will greatly reduce the cost of this work and lower the power demand for the equipment.
Now the experiment is over, an oak tree will be planted in the enclosure in the Hill Field.
Photo by Verena Gruber (University of Innsbruck)

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