Red House in 1984 - Picture 003

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Old Cavaliers Cricket Match 3
Cricket matches always stopped at 4pm so all players and watchers could indulge in a cricket tea. This was served under the "Cricket Tea Oak" next to the field. There was always a sense of relief for the batsmen out in the middle as the school minibus appeared and Mrs G would unload the tea urn, sandwiches and cakes (the coffee cake was always the best). You knew then the umpires would be calling "tea" at any moment.
Unfortunately, most of the people have their backs to the camera (no doubt studying the cakes) but I can see Howard Bilton (Old Cavalier) talking to a young Robin Gordon (by then an Old Cavalier) in cricket whites with sleeves half rolled up holding tea cup (and coffee cake no doubt).
Photo supplied by John Oglesby (Old Cavalier)

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