Red House in 1957 - Picture 004

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Mr Bridgewater on Break Duty
Mr Bridgewater, a "very good" teacher of mathematics and sport at Red House, is pictured surveying activity across the Oval. Dawson, with the bicycle, who was a prefect (as only they were allowed them) and school captain, has one foot on the paving stone as it was a serious offence to step off this paved area in one's house shoes. (House shoes were worn inside only while outside shoes could get muddy!)
In the middle distance can be seen the old barns (left hand ones were demolished in the 1970's while the right hand ones were converted to garages in 2003) and beyond them are Farm Cottage (with the chimney) and the pigeon loft (which was converted to Signal Cottage in 1982).
Photo donated by John Drinkall (Old Cavalier 1954-8)

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