Red House in 1947 - Picture 001

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An Aerial View of the Main Building and Stables
This excellent shot of Red House shows how the place has changed little over the years. However the first difference that strikes is the lack of cars. Other differences are the Nissan hut located to the right of the stables (top right) which was used for boys activities, the tennis court is on the lawn in front of the Main Building (it was moved the other side of the hedge to its present location in the mid 1970's). The Old Orchard (bottom left) still has many of its fruit trees in the picture (they have since been removed and the field is now used for grazing and the cross country course). The kitchen garden (right middle) is very much in use which is not surprising during the era of post war shortages.
Picture supplied by John Freidburger (Old Cavalier 1943-50)

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