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Saturday/Sunday 18th/19th September and 16th/17th October 2021.
Open from 11am to 3pm at Red House Estate.

Why not turn all those apples growing in your garden into delicious, healthy juice and have a fun day out into the bargain?

The Moor Monkton Apple Juicing Weekends are back! So come along to Red House to see the Moor Monkton apple crusher and press in action and learn how this simple and ancient process works. All ages welcome.

Any apples will do, although a mix of cooking and dessert makes the best juice. If that's a problem, come along anyway and trade what you have.

Apples should be free from bruises and mould and, if possible, washed beforehand (we do have facilities for washing them on site). You will need some sterilised containers to store your juice. Plastic milk bottles are ideal if you want to drink it straight away or freeze it. Glass bottles with good tops (screwtop wine bottles are ideal) are suitable for pasteurising the juice. We have 3 litre pouches available for purchase on the day (about £1.50 each) in which the juice can be pasteurised or frozen.

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As a guide a carrier bag will hold 4kg of apples, an animal feed sack 20kg. 2kg of crushed apples makes about 1 litre of juice. Juice will keep for a week if chilled, up to a year if frozen or you can use the village pasteuriser if you wish to keep your juice longer.

To help maintain the equipment and support the work of the Moor Monkton Village Association, there will be a small charge (about £0.35) for each litre made and a further £0.35 per litre charged for pasteurising.

Don't have apples of your own? Come along anyway, we always have plenty of spares!

Please could you let us know if you plan to come along, or for more information e-mail apples@moormonkton.com. We can then time your arrival to help avoid queues.

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