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The Peter Hall Memorial Cup 2007
Final points
Scoring system: 1st=4pts, 2nd=3pts, 3rd=2pts, 4th=1pt
Only results from Novice and Beginners Classes count
Grace Addyman Summer 316th=
Grace Addyman Cracker 95th
Camilla Beese Blue 412th=
Camilla Beese Jerry 220th=
Katy Bell Ozzie 131st
Katy Bell Tom 67th=
Jessica Burford Chessie 220th=
Natalie Coleman Mollie 316th=
Charlotte Cooper Sophie 316th=
Lyndsey Gibson Tom 128th=
Cassie Gill Rufus 220th=
Bronte Hall Jake 113rd=
Natalie Hardstaff Robin 316th=
Lydia Harrison PB 86th
Tom Hart Flame 220th=
Tegan Harteveld Pebbles 510th=
Emily Hawley Frankie 67th=
Susan Hunton Seamus 220th=
Amanda McCourt Blue 128th=
Sarah Mousley Buddy 67th=
Katy Parr April 128th=
Millie Rae Katie 412th=
Emma Randerson Archie 412th=
Anna Rumbold Boyo 510th=
Chloe Rymer Lunar 122nd
Fiona Sherwood Jacob 113rd=
Callum Stewart CJ 412th=
Jodie Wallace-HillPatrick 220th=
Yvonne Walton Katie 220th=
Rose Wilkinson Bear 128th=
Angus Yeomans Bart 220th=

Results for 22nd August 2007
1stChloe RymerLunar
2ndCallum StewartCJ
3rdCassie GillRufus
4thJodie Wallace-HillPatrick
1stAnna RumboldBoyo
2ndFiona SherwoodJacob
3rdEmily HawleyFrankie
4thAmanda McCourtBlue

Results for 15th August 2007
1stMillie RaeKatie
2ndCharlotte CooperSophie
3rdKaty BellOzzie
4thGrace AddymanCracker
1stKaty BellOzzie
2ndFiona SherwoodJacob
3rdJessica BurfordChessie
4thCallum StewartCJ

Results for 8th August 2007
1stCamilla BeeseJerry
2ndBronte HallJake
1stGrace AddymanCracker
2ndBronte HallJake
3rdSusan HuntonSeamus
4thRose WilkinsonBear
1stCamilla BeeseBlue
2ndNatalie ColemanMollie
3rdYvonne WaltonKatie
4thTegan HarteveldPebbles

Results for 1st August 2007
1stCamilla BeeseJerry
2ndChloe RymerLunar
1stKaty BellOzzie
2ndChloe RymerLunar
3rdTom HartFlame
4thJodie Wallace-HillPatrick
1stKaty BellTom
2ndKaty BellOzzie
3rdFiona SherwoodGulliver
4thAnna RumboldBoyo

Event on 25th July 2007 was cancelled due to a waterlogged arena

Event on 18th July 2007 was cancelled due to a waterlogged arena

Results for 11th July 2007
1stBronte HallJake
1stBronte HallJake
2ndNatalie HardstaffRobin
3rdAngus YeomansBart
4thEmily HawleyFrankie
1stLydia HarrisonPB
2ndEmily HawleyFrankie
3rdKaty BellTom
4thCamilla BeeseJerry

Event on 4th July 2007 was cancelled due to a waterlogged arena

Event on 27th June 2007 was cancelled due to a waterlogged arena

Results for 20th June 2007
1stCassie GillHarvey
2ndTom HartFlame
3rdTony GilbertDutch
1stBronte HallJake
2ndGrace AddymanSummer
3rdChloe RymerLunar
4thLydia HarrisonPB
1stEmma RandersonArchie
2ndLydia HarrisonPB
3rdTegan HarteveldPebbles
4thLyndsey GibsonTom

Event on 13th June 2007 was cancelled due to rain

Results for 6th June 2007
1stGrace AddymanCracker
2ndChloe RymerLunar
3rdSarah MousleyBuddy
4thKaty ParrApril
1stSarah MousleyBuddy
2ndFiona SherwoodJacob
3rdTegan HarteveldPebbles

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