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21st February 2011

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The Lemprière Memorial Window
Charles Cyril Lemprière, whose family originated from Jersey, began his career in education as a tutor in Hornsea, East Yorkshire. He lived in Hull where his father ran a bank, and played for and captained the Hull Rugby Club from 1895 to 1901. He founded the Carteret School in Harrogate in 1899. With pupil numbers increasing and seeking a larger, more rural premises he moved the school to Red House in 1902, as a tenant of the Slingsbys. He ran the school with the idea of educating the "young gentleman" of the day in terms of science, engineering and business as well as the more classical themes of art and literature. So, along with sport and lessons, the boys were employed in working around the grounds, gathering in the hay and running a small farm with chickens, pigs and a cow. The produce was sold by the boys to the school kitchens and the money raised was then used to feed the livestock. In 1916, when the estate was sold by the Slingsbys, Lemprière bought the Red House buildings and a small amount of land, and the school continued to grow and prosper. He retired in 1922 and maintained his association with the school for the rest of his life. After his death in 1939 this window was installed in the chapel at Red House featuring the motto of the school - "Kindness, Courage, Courtesy, Keenness".

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