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24th January 2011

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The Bones of Slingsby's Horse
In 1633 Charles I stopped at York on his way to Scotland. He attended York Races, which were then held on Hob Moor near Acomb, west of the city. There he saw Sir Henry Slingsby's horse win the race known as The Plate. After the races the king stayed overnight at Red House and was entertained by the Slingsbys. Years later, when the horse died, Slingsby buried it on the mound in the moat field and had a statue placed over the grave. Around it were stone tablets describing the event of 1633:

He did win the Plate on Achomb Moor in 1633, the King being present.

For nearly 3 centuries the horses remains lay there. Then a group of "archaeologists" from the preparatory school at Red House dug up the bones and moved the statue and tablets to the area in front of the chapel door, where they remain to this day. All that is left of the bones is kept wrapped in a cloth in the old armoury cupboard in the Main Building

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