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15th November 2010

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Remembrance Poppies
During the last week poppies have been placed in the chapel to commemorate the former pupils of Red House School who lost their lives for their country. The panel illustrated in the picture above shows five of the six names of those who died during the First World War.
Below is the full list of names.

Brian WrightFell fighting in FranceJan 1915
Clifford PikeFeb 1915
Arthur RitsonFell fighting in FranceNov 1916
Harold JacksonFell fighting in FranceMay 1917
Duncan SmithDied while serving his countrySept 1917
Harold WrightFell fighting in FranceNov 1917
R.F. Duncombe-AndersonMouseron, BelgiumMay 1940
H.G.H. WintersladenAthies les Arras, FranceMay 1940
C.M. StickneyRAFJul 1941
H.B. MilmanOver GermanyAug 1941
P.T. WhysallOff AngleseyAug 1941
P. WrightIn hospital in DumfriesshireAug 1941
M.B.H. MarshallHMS Neptune at seaDec 1941
J.G. BoddyHMS Trinidad at seaMar 1942
A.F.W. ParsonsIn the Middle EastOct 1942
R.P. WalkerMeerut, IndiaApr 1943
T.R. DavisRAFNov 1943
H.G. MacroryIn ItalyJan 1944
P.H. RockinghamRAFMay 1944
W.T.C. Fogg ElliottPerugia, ItalyJun 1944
P.H. LangstaffeIn NormandyJul 1944
H.E.V. PurserIn BurmaJul 1944
C.E.P. SankeyArnhem, HollandSep 1944
D.M. Purser1939-45
W.F.R. WalkerAt sea1939-45

We Will Remember Them.

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