Red House Cross Country Course

Jump No 33

Name The Moat Complex
Height (cm) 70 (pallisade)
80 (trakehner element)
Spread (cm) 115 (pallisade)
95 (trakehner element)
Location Moat Field
Notes There is a large drop on the landing side into the moat.
The trakehner may be avoided by introducing the side parallel poles in the moat.
An alternative route is to use the left hand pallisade section then turn around the bush and jump the parallel poles in the moat.
Take-off View Landing View
33a.jpg - 23Kb 33b.jpg - 27Kb
Other ViewLeft hand Pallisade
33c.jpg - 26Kb 33e.jpg - 19Kb
Parallel Poles element The Possible Routes
33d.jpg - 29Kb 33g.gif - 5Kb
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