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Show Jumping Competition Results 2018
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The Peter Hall Cup 2018
Points including May 16th results
The Red House Beginners Trophy 2018
Points including May 16th results
Results from Open, Novice, Pre-Novice (1st=8pts, 2nd=6pts, 3rd=4pts, 4th=2pts) and Beginners Classes (1st=4pts, 2nd=3pts, 3rd=2pts, 4th=1pt) count Only results from Beginners Class count (1st=4pts, 2nd=3pts, 3rd=2pts, 4th=1pt)
1st Paige Evans Jessie 30
2nd Laura Brown Green Man 14
3rd Eva Cammidge Bailey 12
4th Matilda Tasker Oscar 10
5th= Lisa Cammidge Bert 8
5th= Harriet Dunn Doug 8
5th= Gaynor Wetherall Cairo 8
8th Carrie Abraham Annie 7
9th Lauren Marshall Marty 6
10th Lauren Taylor Savannah 5
11th= Lauren Brown Cowboy 4
11th= Emily Roberts Charlie 4
13th Amelia Mattocks Duncan 3
14th= John Cammidge Millie 2
14th= Alice Spivey Barney 2
14th= Becky Watson Mr Who 2
17th= Evie Atkinson Cairo 1
17th= Amelie Deckon-Elliott Mighty 1
17th= Holly Gledhill Alfie 1
17th= Georgia Lithgow Belle 1
1st Carrie Abraham Annie 7
2nd Lauren Taylor Savannah 5
3rd Amelia Mattocks Duncan 3
4th= Alice Spivey Barney 2
4th= Becky Watson Mr Who 2
6th= Evie Atkinson Cairo 1
6th= Amelie Deckon-Elliott Mighty 1
6th= Holly Gledhill Alfie 1
6th= Georgia Lithgow Belle 1

Results for 16th May 2018
1st Paige Evans Jessie
2nd Gaynor Wetherall Cairo
3rd Lauren Brown Cowboy
1st Laura Brown Green Man
2nd Paige Evans Jessie
3rd=Emily Roberts Charlie
3rd=Matilda Tasker Oscar
1st Lisa Cammidge Bert 1st Harriet Dunn Doug
2nd Eva Cammidge Bailey 2nd=Laura Brown Green Man
2nd=Lauren Marshall Marty
4th John Cammidge Millie
1st Lauren Taylor Savannah
2nd Carrie Abraham Annie
3rd Becky Watson Mr Who
4th Evie Atkinson Cairo

Results for 9th May 2018
1st Paige Evans Jessie
2nd Matilda Tasker Oscar
3rd Gaynor Wetherall Cairo
1st Paige Evans Jessie
2nd Eva Cammidge Bailey
1st Carrie Abraham Annie
2nd Amelia Mattocks Duncan
3rd Alice Spivey Barney
4th=Amelie Deckon-ElliottMighty
4th=Holly Gledhill Alfie
4th=Georgia Lithgow Belle
4th=Lauren Taylor Savannah

The Competition on the 2nd May was cancelled due to poor ground conditions

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