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Red House Riding Holidays 2017 Availability and Contact Details

We will try to keep this as up to date as possible and will put the date of the last up date below.
Only when holidays are getting close to full will the actual numbers of places left be shown.
If in doubt contact Mrs Gordon by phone or email.

Date Bringing your own horse Riding a Red House horse Total Places Still Available
Holiday 1 Jul 23 - Jul 29 - - -
Holiday 2 Jul 30 - Aug 5 - - -
Holiday 3 Aug 13 - Aug 19 - - -
Holiday 4 Aug 20 - Aug 26 - - -

Availability last updated 21st August 2017

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Contact Details

Please contact Mrs Jill Gordon

01904 House Estate
Moor Monkton
North Yorkshire
YO26 8JQ

Red House Estate (Moor Monkton) Ltd, York YO26 8JQ VAT Reg No 984 6060 91