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Welcome to the website of Red House Estate, Moor Monkton, England. A place where you can enjoy the countryside of the Vale of York, close to the city of York but seemingly miles from anywhere. We have residential and commercial property to let, equestrian facilities, DIY livery, riding holidays, a caravan site and much more.

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Show Jumping Competition 2018
The next competition is on Wednesday 25th of July 2018. Check out the results for the competition on the 4th of July here. We will be holding an Equestrian "Bring and Buy" table top sale during the event on August 1st. £5 fee per table (extra £5 if you need to borrow a Red House table).

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Cross Country Open Days
The next Open Day is on Saturday the 4th of August 2018. Full details of Open Days here. View all the obstacles here.

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Equestrian Diary 2018
The 2018 Red House Equestrian Diary is now available online.

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Red House Riding Holidays
Sadly we have to announce that we are no longer holding Riding Holidays at Red House. We have had 33 years of fun but it is time to move on. Watch this space for new developments....

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Bed and Breakfast at Red House
Based in Prince Rupert House, the Bed and Breakfast facility at Red House is run by Julia James. Full details can be found at the Prince Rupert House website.

The Red House Picture of the Week

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Nature Everywhere
We've reached that time of year when Red House is being overrun by nature. Young birds and animals are everywhere and it is hard to avoid tripping over hedgehogs, toads, moorhens and ducklings on the lawns around the Estate. This blue tit chick was one of three that had just left their nest by the Garden House. They spent the day fluttering clumsily from hedge to tree and then to the ground. It was quite happy to have its picture taken while waiting on the path.

Click here to see the full Red House picture archive.

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