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Welcome to the website of Red House Estate, Moor Monkton, England. A place where you can enjoy the countryside of the Vale of York, close to the city of York but seemingly miles from anywhere. We have residential and commercial property to let, equestrian facilities, DIY livery, riding holidays, a caravan site and much more.

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Unaffiliated Show Jumping
The next Show Jumping Competition is on Wednesday 26th of June. Full details on the Show Jumping page. Results for the event on 5th of June are now available on the Show Jumping Results Page.

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Red House Holiday Accommodation
We are very excited to announce that we are now offering self catering holiday accommodation. Full details and pricing will be available very soon. In the meantime you can visit the Holiday Home section.

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Cross Country Open Days
The next Open Day is on Saturday 6th July, starting at 10am. Full details on the Cross Country Open Day page.

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Red House Equestrian Diary 2019
This year's equestrian diary is available here. This contains our own events so far but more dates will follow.

The Red House Picture of the Week

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Chaffinches in the Wisteria
During the annual wisteria trimming at the front of the main house, this chaffinch nest was discovered just beneath the guttering. It proved a near miss as the ladder top was only 4 inches from the nest. Although it is difficult to see in the photo, 6 young were counted, crammed into the nest. The male chaffinch, presumably from this nest, is very audible around the gardens at this time of year with its piercing chip, chip, chip, cheap-cheap call.

Click here to see the full Red House picture archive.

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